Christmas photo shoot of a hairy male model! Interior

In the middle of november?? what? YES!! Today, Christmas sneaked into my house! I’ve decided to make a little more out of Christmas this year, so why not begin early.. Today I got some light chains and DSC_0720a small thuja, plus some other decorations that I’ll put up for dec 1st.

I did some photo shooting for Daniel Wellington watches earlier this morning, and used the light chains for the sake of the photos. When I was done with the photos, I decorated the little thuja instead of packing the lights away. It’s so cozy now! And by the way – they started selling Christmas cakes in our local grocery store already in september, hah! So I am in fact late on this 😉 In 2 weeks we’ll be going to New york, and my plan is to buy Christmas decorations and take home. Literally, can’t wait!

Chico was the well paid model today, and had no problem with laying still in exchange fDSC_0747or a couple of biscuits..








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  1. Heidi Uotinen Says: December 2, 2015 at 7:26 am

    Hi! Love your blog and inspired tried to buy a Daniel Wellington watch for my boyfriend for Christmas, but I couldn’t get your code to work :/ it did give me the discount but not the gift wrapping or extra wristband… just wondering what the problem could be.
    Holiday cheers!
    Heidi :I

    • Hi Heidi!
      Thanks for your comment! Daniel Wellington had some trouble with the code and I was in contact with them yesterday and today where they told me they would fix the error. I believe the extra wristband was a mistake from their side, so they will not put that into the code again for the future. Anyway, they promised me that everyone who’ve been buying or trying to buy should get the wristband with the watch since that’s what they told me to communicate out. So what you should do is to email them at and give them the code “maritfolland”, and you can also refer to me and Johanna Staalberg, and they will add the free fristband to your purchase. I’m so sorry for all this mess. I wouldn’t have put it out here if I knew how much trouble this would make. I also see other “bloggers” with the same discount and I guess there are MANY out there who run into the same problem now :( By the way, I’m so glad you find my blog inspiring! Thank you! :) Have a great week :-*

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