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Welcome everyone, to my little world of interior, design and inspiration! I’m so glad you found your way in here, and I hope you can find something worth reading, too! I’ve decided to have this blog in English sincLifestyle-MaritFolland-01e many of my followers on Instagram are non-Scandinavians. Also, I have a whole bunch of English speaking friends from my time in college, and even though I’m not sure their interest surrounds interior, I’m sure that they’d appreciate the opportunity to check up on me from time to time.

My Instagram account expanded quickly after I started posting pictures from our home. When I passed 30.000 followers I decided to take social media-thing a bit further, and what wasn’t more natural than a blog. On here I’ll post more pictures and write more about each picture than what I do on Instagram. I’ll also post more photos from my travels and daily life.

So much is going on at this moment, so I’ll be blogging sporadically along the way. I have sponsorships that require quite the bit of work. I do take photos for marketing purposes, and guess what my major problem is these days? I don’t get enough light to take them photos! I live in Norway, northern Europe. It’s winter. Sun glances thru a couple of hours a day, but it’s not “sunny light” here until march sometime. Crap! Oh well, that’s a minor problem in a minor issue in this world today, so forget I even said that.

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